Emotions Coaching

What is Emotions Coaching? 
Emotions coaching is a positive behaviour technique which was originally used as part of a parenting programme in Australia. Since then, there has been lots of research about the positive impact it can have on developing children's understanding of their emotions and how to deal with those emotions in an appropriate way. Please see the the parent workshop resources for more information.
We believe that children's social, emotional and mental wellbeing is important. At Eastover, as part of our whole school development plan we have spent the last year training 2 members of staff to lead the whole school in developing staff awareness about children's emotional wellbeing and the positive impact it can have in all areas of a child's life. This year the 2 members of staff; Mrs Fitzsimmons and Mrs Larson have been leading training to all staff members to ensure that we can use Emotions Coaching as a whole school approach. 
In April, we arranged parent workshops to share the strategies we are using in Emotions Coaching and the positive impact it can have on the children. We hope to see as many parents there as possible in order to continue to work together.
Parent workshop resources

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