Project X

Project X Code


Some children in school take part in the Project X code missions. They have to help Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger. 


The books are divided between different zones, and each zone is set in a different area of Micro World: a miniature theme park that requires visitors to walk through a shrinking machine to gain entry. Micro World is run by a malfunctioning computer called CODE who has a plan to shoot shrinking rays around the planet so as to reduce ‘over population’. Enter Team X, whom pupils have to assist by collecting CODE keys to shut down the malevolent computer.


 As the children work their way through the zones they will achieve certificates.


 Keep your eyes out for any Project X code updates and photos. If you know your child takes part in these sessions ask them about it.

Children's Quotes


When talking about the word wreck a child in year 2 said "like from the film where he wrecks things, wreck it Ralph. He wrecks things and the boys with the hammer fixes it."

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