Year 2 - Otters & Foxes

Welcome to Year 2, your teachers are Miss Ashton in Foxes Class and Miss Whitwham in Otters Class. We have two teaching assistants; Mrs Harwood and Mrs Ball.
We have daily English and Maths sessions, this sometimes includes: group work, paired work and individual work. We have an exciting year ahead.
Year 2 Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2017
This half term we are looking at The Great Fire of London. We will be learning about how the fire started and ended, important dates during the event and important people linked to the event. We will link this topic to Art and English.
In Geography, we will learn about countries and continents across the world, as well as focusing on main cities in the UK. We will look at oceans that surround these countries and learn were they are on a map.
We are very lucky to have access to ipads and will be using these in our lessons regularly to ensure that children are developing their ICT skills that they are likely to need in the future. we will also be teaching the children about coding.
Art and DT
Art and DT will be linked to The Great Fire of London. We will be doing junk modelling making Tudor houses from The Great Fire of London.
After half term we will be practising some cooking skills, making Christmas biscuits. In art we will be creating a collage of autumn trees, looking at the colours of autumn. We shall also be creating silhouette paintings linked to The Great Fire of London.
This term we will be learning the story of Little Red riding Hood. we will look at the structure of a warning tale and will be making changes to the story so we can write our own. Our main focus of the story will be using adjectives to describe a character. Our non-fiction text will be linked to our topic 'The Great Fire of London', we will be finding out lots of information about fire engines to help us write a non-chronological report. After half term, our story 'The Tunnel' will teach us about how to open a story and help us when describing the setting.
This term our main focus will be on place value. We will be doing lots of practical activities to develop our understanding of number and to help us with counting up to 100. We will begin to look at the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. we will use lots of resources to help us have a good understanding of what these operations mean.
You can help your child with this at home by doing counting together and practising their times tables.
This half term we will be practising all the skills needed when working scientifically. We will be carrying out lots of investigations and thinking carefully about how we can be a scientist. After half term our focus is materials. We will compare different materials and their properties.
Our focus for RE is how do we celebrate our journey through life. We will be learning about important celebrations in Christianity and Judaism.
The children will be expected to read each eveing to and adult and have their reading record signed daily. These will be checked and the children will be reward accordingly at the end of each week.
Each week, your child will have a list of spellings which they need to practise each night. Also they will have a range of topic activities to complete. They can choose which activity they would like to complete in their homework book.
Please encourage and support your child with their homework.
The children in year two look at different authors every term and this term they are looking at an author called Lynley Dodd. These are some of the books she has written.

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